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25.04.2018 г.
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International Forum “Ecological Technologies & Innovations” Версия для печати Отправить на E-mail


 Ours информационно-the analytical project basically conducts the work in territory of Ukraine. We are present at regions of Ukraine through our regional Coordinators or Regional representatives. Though тан the project became for a long time already international, news of our project receive more than 24 000 subscribers from 86 countries of the world. We promote projects outside Ukraine, we render them information and other feasible help, we shall organize delegations of scientists and inventors on actions outside of Ukraine.

Dear Participants,Ladies and Gentlemen, 

 Engineering company “Ecological Technologies & Innovations” and National complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” are pleased to invite Ukrainian and foreign companies and organizations to participate in the International Forum “Ecological Technologies & Innovations”.

This Forum is the Ukrainian premier environmental technology trade show and conferences dedicated solely to the latest technologies, solutions, systems, equipment and services in all fields of environment management and technology comprising water treatment, waste management, air pollution control, clean energy, soil management and services integrated under one roof.We want to stimulate further knowledge development in the waste sector and to promote dialogue with our development partners on important environment sector issues in our work. We are pleased that government colleagues involved in the ecology, water and waste sectors have joined us.

We invite the international and Ukrainian organizations to take advantage of a unique platform for an establishment of effective business contacts - INTERNATIONAL ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS by CLUB.

Ecological business club is an information-consulting platform on which there can be representatives of business in sphere of the power, the renewed energy, alternative fuel, water-preparation, sewage treatment, spheres of the reference with the municipal waste, dangerous waste and chemical substances of a technogenic origin of two countries.

The motto " it is ecologically pure - economic "

For reception of fuller information on activity international ecological business of club, we ask to press this reference>>>

For contacts to write it is necessary to write the question, to state the offer, it is desirable in English. E-mail: Этот e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Для его просмотра в вашем браузере должна быть включена поддержка Java-script

Scope of activities:

Steady development of Ukraine: business, government, society:Steady development: modern state and prospects.Projects of the steady development.Public organizations of ecological direction.Environmental health effects.

Services in the ecology and sanitary hygiene sectors:Services, organizations (specialized institutions and organizations, specialized education systems, ecological programs and projects, audit and certification, information technology, software, literature, press, Internet etc.)

Water in the life of human and society:Water preparation for drinking purposes and industrial enterprises.Sewage and sludge treatment.Technologies and equipment for water purification of sea aquatoriums, rivers.

Waste management, strategies and planning:Waste disposal machines and equipment.Hazardous waste, disposal and incineration.Waste separation and recycling technologies. Advanced waste treatment technology for agricultural, food and mixed fodder industries.

Clean air - healthy nation:Technologies and equipment for air pollution control. Odour assessment and control.Kiot protocol in Ukraine.

Territory recultuvation and improvement:Technologies and equipment public area greenery planning.Landscape design, recultuvation and urban greenery.

Energy recovery. Renewable energy technology & equipment:Technologies and equipment for the energy-saving. "New energy" technology.

The mission of this environmental Forum is to bring together all of the very best work that has been done in the field of waste maintenance, safety and management and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The conference will be conducted during the 3-day period. The program will consist of paper presentations and poster displays, as well as panel discussion sessions. Questions and discussions will be encouraged throughout the conference.

The highlight of the conference will be a panel discussion with representatives of state departments of transportation, federal government, designers, fabricators, contractors, non-profit organizations representing the interests of the industry to discuss important issues related to ecology, waste, water, energy, soil-air-noise monitoring and control. The event draws decision makers from throughout the government, public and private sectors and offers ideal opportunities for networking and business development.We will take care of the details, enabling you to focus on meeting face-to-face with potential customers. We remain at your disposal for any additional information: 

National complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”Ukraine, Kiev, Glushkova Ave., 1,


The first international forum

 “Ecological technologies and innovations”


Forum motto

 “Sustainable development – environment, business, nation, community”


Main activities of the forum:


Stable development: business, nation, community


Stable development of Ukraine today and tomorrow

     Socioeconomics development of territories is a plot of a stable development of Ukraine;


       State, community, business - social partnership;

       Ecology coordination system;

       Ecological management: municipal and up-to-date of enterprises


Stable development projects

     Environment protection programs;

     Wastage control and consumption programs;

     Aquatic resources preservation programs;

     International cooperation programs.


Environmentally-friendly social organizations

     Professional organizations and associations;

     Social organizations in Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States, EU and all over the world which have experience in public auditions organization and local ecological programs realization;

     Sponsor organizations and technical assistance in Ukraine;

     Youth and infant ecology-friendly associations;

     Ecology business-society.


Ecology and sanitation hygiene field services


Training of specialists in ecological and hygiene and sanitation sphere

     Higher educational establishment;

     Training and extension courses;

     Educational literature and belongings;

     Structure and contents of ecological education in schools and higher educational establishments;

     Specialized seminars, conferences and activities for enterprises;

     Innovations in specialist training sphere


Project and scientific-research organizations

     Subject of fundamental and other scientific researches in environment control and communal services sphere;

     Scientific-research institute and engineering companies which have practical experience in ecology and communal services sphere;

     Scientific researches, inventions and innovation technologies.


Environmental impact assessment, audit and certification

     Ecology auditors;

     Experts in ecology field;


     Review of realty objects;

     Resolving and licensed activity


Laboratories, ecology systems and devices

     Equipment for ecology monitoring;

     Laboratory and controlling and measuring equipment;

     Ecology control mobile laboratories;

     Automation of waste removal and transportation process


Mass media and specialized publications

     Problem oriented ecological publications;

     Catalogs and supplemental information about technologies and ecology sphere equipment

     Document examples and its’ approval procedure for different activity types;

     Internet resources;

     TV and radio programs;

     Literature for children and youth;

     Social commercial;

     Conferences, exhibitions and other activities oriented on ecological trend In Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States, EU, and all over the world.


Ecology sphere services

     Juridical companies, ecology law specialists;

     Engineering companies;

     Techno parks;

     Consultation in ecological and municipal sphere;

     Research-and-production associations and enterprises;

     Ecology insurance services;

     Credit-financial sector services for ecological sphere.



Water in human and society life


Technologies and equipment for preparing drinking and industrial water

     Modern tendency of world industrial water treatment practice and drainage system and its’ realization in the Ukrainian market;


     Regional problems of water providing and drainage system. International and Ukrainian specialists’ experience study;

     Water refinement sediment utilizing. Possibility of secondary utilization

     Water treatment in food industry;

     Water treatment in agriculture;

     System of water-supply reverse;


     Water filtration;

     Safe transportation and storage;

     Inventions and innovations.



Technologies and equipment for wastage water treatment

     New technology solutions in designing, building and exploitation of disposal facilities;

     Municipal sewage – particular features of contemporary condition;

     Industrial sewage – works towards power efficiency;

     Biological technologies of food industry sewage treatment;

     Review of international and Ukrainian experience in composting sewage sediment;

     Biodynamic – condition and prospect;

     Compact disposal facilities for private economy and small-scale business (car washes, public lavatory, separate construction etc);

     Subsoil water decontamination technologies, including filtrate and other man-caused pollution;

     Mine water: problem solutions and technologies;

     Sewage disinfection including medical establishments;

     Inventions and innovations.


Technologies and equipment for water purification of sea aquatoriums, rivers and inner reservoirs

     Pollution prevention technologies and river basins and sea ports clearing;

     Hygienic and sanitary problems of bathing beach condition – condition and prospect;

     Problems of basin clearing from sunken objects;

     Small rivers and reservoirs’ question;

     Benthic silt fall-out;

     Water objects’ rehabilitation

     Inventions and innovations.


Solid wastage and consumption waste products


Technology and equipment for solid waste products’ distribution

     Equipment for gathering and temporary storage;

     Optimization of transportation;

     Hump yards and transfer stations;

     Equipment for separate gathering;

     Compaction of resource-valuable and residual waste

     Technologies for modern storage on polygons;

     Polygon recultivation;

     Inventions and innovations.


Waste and its’ resource-valuable components as raw material for commercial output

     Biogas production and gas synthesis

     Fertilize production;

     Fuel briquette and waste as fuel for thermal station;

     Fuel production from polymer wastes;

     Recycle of rubber technical goods into raw material (tires, goods etc.);

     Construction supplies and architectural form production;

     Inventions and innovations.


Special waste (including hazardous, medical, oil-contain, galvanic waste etc.)

     Technology and equipment creation for allied processes;

     Pollution abatement because of waste yield shortening by advanced technology adoption in production;

     Electrical waste and electro-technical junk (computers, monitors etc.);

     Home appliances and home large-sized goods;

     Transport field waste: cars, accumulators etc;

     Fuel and energy complex waste: oil, cinder, ash etc;

     Technologies and methods of deacidification , recycle, utilization and regeneration of gathered oil and oil products, used absorbent;

     Glass wastes utilization technology;

     Wood working and forest sector wastes;

     Tobacco wastes, including vein let, dust;

     Industry and cellulose, paper, carton utilization wastes;

     Slag reservoir and mining practice wastes;

     Лом черного и цветного металла;

Base metal and iron scrap;

     Hospital wastes

     Construction wastes;

     Inventions and innovations.


Agro-industrial complex wastes

     Preparation and processing of meat, fish and other zoogenic products wastes;

     Screenings, including leguminous wastes (bran siftings and other peeling waste, shorts, grind and other ways of utilization bread cereals or leguminous seeds)

     Milk food production wastes including ice-cream;

     Sugar production wastes;

     Bakery and sugar confectionery industry wastes;

     Liquor and soft-drinks production wastes;

     Cleaning facilities for meet-processing industry sewage treatment: clearing facilities scheme oriented on meat, fish and bird processing factories’ sewage treatment;

     Cleaning facilities for meat and diary industry sewage treatment: clearing facilities scheme on fat and oil and sausage floors, cheese producing factories and other food industries;

     Inventions and innovations.


Clean air – healthy nation.


Technologies and equipment for air emission cleaning

     Heat and power stand emission clearing;

     Dust and gas emission from industries;

     Vehicle toxic emission disposal and reduction technology;

     Inventions and innovations.


Conditioning and air cleaning in apartments

          Air aspiration, ventilation, deodorization and conditioning in apartments;

     Inventions and innovations.


Climate changes and Kyoto Protocol – Ukrainian aspect

     Greenhouse gases emission reduction technologies;

     Project realization aspects



Management and accomplishment of land resources of Ukraine


Technologies and equipment for accomplishment

     Rehabilitation of contaminated lands;

     Development of multiple-dwelling and populous places;

     Removal systems of preliminary sorting and separate wastes collection


Landscape design, landscape gardening and recultivation

     Green farming;

     Architecture and innovations.


Energy efficiency and renewable energy 


Technologies and equipment for energy conservation


     Equipment for energy efficiency consumption and production;

     Cogeneration technologies;

     Equipment for overpatching and synchronization indicators of combined electrical and thermal equipment;


     Inventions and innovations.


Renewable energy sources

     Biogas production and gas synthesis;

     Small hydroelectric stations;

     Thermo pumps;


     Bio ethanol and bio fuel 

     Wind-power engineering;

     Sun energy exploitation;

     Photo electrosynthesis;

     Off-centre energy sources;

     Inventions and innovations.

Telephone/fax: +38 (050) 9580027



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